Concert Schedule

* Schedule is subject to change.

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Stage 1

12:20 PM Flexpointe Studios (Dance)
12:40 PM Celtic Ceilidh Dance Academy
1:00 PM Denny Von-Braun
2:00 PM Studio Fire
3:00 PM Grooveater
3:50 PM Edmonton School of Ballet
4:00 PM Tim Chesterton
5:00 PM Blue Rhythm Stew
6:00 PM The Cuthberts
7:00 PM Clinically Impressed
8:00 PM Amanda Penner
9:00 PM Ryan Locke
10:00 PM Fireworks sponsored by InFocus-Events
10:30 PM Ten Cent Lift
11:50 PM Steven Spencer Band

Stage 2 - sponsored by Landmark Homes

12:00 PM Lauren Mercer
1:00 PM Rene & the Hopefuls
2:00 PM Mohammad's Melody
3:00 PM Heather Bree-Ann
4:00 PM Absinthe From Society
5:00 PM Denis Blier
6:00 PM Lauren Rose
7:00 PM Sonny Robins
8:00 PM Costa Livin'
9:00 PM Backcurrents
10:00 PM Fireworks sponsored by InFocus-Events

Stage 3

12:00 PM Abbie Mota
1:00 PM Travis James
2:00 PM Heartland
3:00 PM Pablo Montano Lopera
4:00 PM Something Mechanical
5:00 PM Dempsey Bolton
6:00 PM The Mercury Orchestra
7:00 PM Nick Samoil
8:00 PM Rebecca Lappa & The Revelry
9:00 PM Van Dangos Band
10:00 PM Fireworks sponsored by InFocus-Events

Stage 4

12:00 PM TBA
1:00 PM Kaeli Moris
2:00 PM Passionate Hamster
2:30 PM Hypno Radio
3:00 PM Common Ground
4:00 PM Mark Flores
5:00 PM The Dogpark
6:00 PM Aurora Lenihan
7:00 PM Ainsley Elisa
8:00 PM Bridge Motel
9:00 PM Stage Closed
10:00 PM Fireworks sponsored by InFocus-Events


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